Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Luxury of Lounge Wear

Old Hollywood leading ladies made one of their most lasting impression ever on screen when they wore dressing gowns/lounge coats; some elegant enough to wear anywhere due to there stunning design. It's hard to tell who or what made the most memorable appearance - the stars themselves or their glamorous lounge wear. 

Gene Tierney in a very lovely button down long lounge coat, circa 1940's 

Lauren Bacall is so adorable in her pajama and robe lounge set, circa 1950's

Gene Tierney posing in a beautiful reddish-orange or salmon-peach lounge coat
with crystal trimming cuffs, circa 1940's

Actress Margaret Sullivan from the 1936 film "The Moon Our Home" posing in an very extravagant fur dressing robe

Loretta Young wearing a belted dressing robe with tiered sleeves possibly made of Chantilly lace
with a floral foliage pattern, circa 1930's
Ida Lupino posing in silk or satin embroidered robe with flared cuffs and
wide-leg lounge pants, circa 1930's

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